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Guess I’ll watch and review episodes of Kamen Rider with my fangirly bias. Because quite often there is nothing more ‘what is this, i don’t even’ than a Kamen Rider show. For those that don’t know, Kamen Rider is from Japan and it is like Sentai or Power Rangers in many aspects except instead of five people with super powers working together like in Sentai, Kamen Rider series tend to only have one to three main Kamen Riders. (Fun fact! Kamen rider means masked rider, this comes from their love of riding motorcycles) Now I’m a big big big Kamen Rider fan, I’ve been watching for more than six years now. I’ve loved Kabuto, Den-o, Kiva, Decade, W and now, I’m deciding whether or not OOO will be a good series.

Now, when I first saw the character plans for OOO, I thought it was a joke, it had a whole vending machine stoplight feel to it because the Kamen Rider will put coins in/on certain parts of his body and it will let him do different things (I’m okay with the different aspects part, that’s key in a Hesei era of Kamen Riders. It’s just the coins part that’s tripping me up). And the stop light feel comes from the coins being green, red, and yellow. . . . yeah. Another problem, how the hell do you say Kamen Rider OOO? Oh Oh Oh, or ooooooooo? None of the other ones were this hard.

Onto the actual episode one, I have my copy from the lovely people at TvNihon. 😀

So the series starts out with a crime, like most Kamen Riders do. Security guards are pilfering the objects they’re supposed to watch. One asks where the new guy is, the other replies not to worry, he drugged him and he’s knocked out. So cut to a younger man asleep on the couch, so at this point I have to assume boy sleeping on the couch is either Kamen Rider OOO or someone else critical to the plot. In the midst of all this fine china that the security guards are stealing is a tomb/coffin like object that appears a bit out of place (style wise, not the fact that it was made out of styrofoam and you can tell). There are some coins on the outside, not hey look a penny coins but we painted hockey pucks silver coins. So the coins gel together to form a hand, which crawls up the coffin and twists something on the top of it to explode it open.

We now see a figure dressed all in black with a motorcycle helmet on throwing coins to other men dressed in black and motorcycle helmets as they jog by. They all stop in front of a vending machine. . . . . . insert the coin and it transforms into a motorcycle………… riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. They all end up in front of the building where the tomb was, now, all the coins from the tomb have formed four bad guys. The main guy in black calls up corporate, says he’s found them and gets the order to destroy the monsters. How is that done? Well with explosives and rocket launchers of course! (in the middle of Tokyo no less!) So now the explosions don’t seem to have done anything to the bad guys and they just go out on their merry way, while being pursued by the boys in black.  Cut back to the main bossman of the boys in black, he appears to be decorating a cake….. Okay then. His assistant?, daughter?, wife? girl in short pink skirt and purple jacket turns on a record player and it starts playing an odd rendition of Happy Birthday while the bossman decorates the cake and his BiBs(boys in black) are being slaughtered by the coin monsters. Welp, turns out the birthday cake is for ‘greed’ whoever that is, I’m sure we’ll find out later. . .

As Happy Birthday finishes and Bossman finally stops singing along we get the pleasant sight of a destroyed motorcycle on fire and all four coin bad guys surrounding it, looks like they won. Some how through all the explosions crashing and banging, the young man asleep on the couch managed to stay asleep through it all, until he gets hit in the head by a red coin. Yep, he’s the new Kamen Rider. I just wanna know what goes through the thought processes of these beings as they pick their rider, ‘well he’s the closest warm able bodied man, PERFECT!’ Because I seriously wouldn’t have chosen a boy that can sleep through the apocalypse but would be woken by a leaf. He wakes up, picks up the coin, thinks its his pay and proceeds to strip down to his undies. . .  while there’s rubble all around him. . .  yep, perfect saving the world type. As he’s hanging his uniform up, the wall collapses on him and he gets caught by the cops and all the rescue people in on of the most unfortunate pairs of underwear I have ever seen.

Well if the man rapping the theme song is too be believed, OOO is pronounced ooooo, little odd. And in the theme song we’re introduced to the girl that will be annoying us the entire show. And the Japanese Matthew Perri will be either the grumpy side kick or rival Kamen Rider, either way, I adore this boy and can’t wait. Also, the most unfortunate undies may be a plot point since they’re in the theme song sequence. . .  Not even halfway through the theme and already feel dislike for the girl. . . she’s got that blank ‘help me I’m ever so pitiful face’ like Hiyori from Kabuto did. Also Matthew Perri appears to have an arm like the coin monsters, this should be interesting. Annoying girl has some connection to Matthew Perri (dunno if friend, sister or significant other) in the theme sequence she keeps chasing him and now hugged him from behind through a red cloth while he looks confused and a little angry.  Making a plot point prediction! Matthew Perri has been contaminated/taken over by a coin monster and the annoying girl is going to enlist Kamen Rider OOO’s help to save him.

Nother fantastic shot of the most unfortunate undies. New Kamen rider’s name is Eiji, and he seems to be perfectly at ease wandering around in the undies and nothing else. Also, his blind faith in people will most likely be a problem and his defining moment later on. HE’S A BUM! Matthew Perry is the police officer investigating his involvement, awesome.

Cut back to bossman, he doesn’t seem too upset about losing so many BiBs. Also, the monsters of the series are called ‘greeed’ that seems like a little stretch. WAIT! I’ve got it, the monsters are greed and the material possessions that everyone clings to while the Kamen Rider is a nomadic bum with no possessions besides the most unfortunate undies, terrible looking clothes and a few coins, i see where this is going.

Now we get to see the four main greeed, as they drape silks over a tunnel and walk through. . . . o.O Something’s odd with their bodies, something lacking. Currently the four main greeed are a silver rhino boy, a blue orca girl, a green grasshopper boy, and gold jaguar kitty thing. I’m totally seeing Kamen Rider OOO defeating these guys and using them in his suit seeing how that’s how the plot goes and turns out the greeed are missing one of their ranks, the red coin Eiji picked up earlier.

Eiji comes across a vending machine on the street identical to the ones that made the motorcycles and he was just about to put mr. red coin in there but he dropped it under the machine. Appears Mr. Red manifested his arm and is now trying to get the coin o.O But we’re introduced to the girl of the series Hina when she picks up the vending machine no problem. Shenanigans ensue and Eiji has Mr. Red’s coin and is being chased by his arm trying to get it back. Mr. Green Grasshopper creates a minion by birthing the greed in a lady’s mind. Big show down fight for Mr. Red’s coin (or core metal o.O) turns out his name is Ankh. . . .  why do the police use tiny little six shot pistols and why does Eiji know how to fire the gun perfectly? Ankh makes Eiji into a kamen rider and kinda shows him how to transform. That’s still something that perplexes me how someone will get a kamen rider belt then automatically know how to use it at fight, doesn’t add up man.

Anywho, Eiji transforms, fights the praying mantis evil guy, wins and then finds out that Ankh has taken control of Matthew Perri and is going to be using his body for a while. shoot. Now Matthew Perri’s hair is blond and all weirdly coiffed, I swear this happens so often, it must be in the boy’s contract. Turns out the girl we met earlier, Hina is Matthew’s sister. Also, bossman decorates a cake saying ‘happy birthday OOO’ and he pronounced it o’s. So still no solid answer there. Onto episode 2! 😀 I’ll be back eventually with pictures.


Oh Russia

(well Belarus, but you get my drift)

Who ever thought having a cell phone chucking competition would be fun? Well I guess if you’re drunk or it’s that 3 in the morning gigglie time that everyone gets, I can see that being a little entertaining until you wake up the next day and find your phone shattered into six different pieces. But no, in Belarus, they think this is super fun and needs to happen, and it’s the 8th competition so it must have something behind.

And really, the only time I’d be willing to do something like this is if there was a phone company that would be replacing/upgrading my phone free of charge after the competition.

My first ‘what is this? I don’t even’ from the intarwebs today.

The kid electrocutes himself in school, and he’s suing because the teacher didn’t say not to do it. . . .  what? In sheer levels of stupidity, that is on par with suing a teacher for telling you not to run with scissors pointy end up. It just doesn’t make sense how these people lack that little voice in the back of their head that whispers, ‘hey, I remember hearing this could kill us’ or ‘this seems like it will hurt, A LOT.’ Or it could just be that the little voice is just so tired of being ignored and has stopped trying and is hoping that this time when the kid jumps off the roof they’ll start listening to them again.

Welp, my first post to my brand new blog, because my old one was well, old and dusty, haven’t used it since 2008, have some pretty sweet pictures, but I think it’s best to get a fresh start. Especially since I’m going to be using this for a class and don’t want to bore people with my freaking out over Russia and stuff.

So, Turtle, what’s this going to be about you ask?

Good question, voice in my head, this I hope, is going to be a collection of the odd, funny and down right stupid things I find on the internet. Like half the web pages out there, but these will be what interests me and therefore more important. 😀

Also, the stuff on here will be coming mainly from my three favorite countries: Russia, Japan, and South Korea, places a large number of people don’t run across while rolling through the internet for fun, well maybe some weird Japanese game shows.